November & December 2011… seriously? …so last year!

Let’s finally put last year to bed, shall we…? I need clear my 2011 Booking Wall and make lots of room for 2012.      BRING IT!!!!I

2011 Booking Wall

NOVEMBER….I can’t believe I am still talking about you! Didn’t we break up after that huge Thanksgiving meal? 

Unbutton that top button for a couple more bites of The Meredith Method:)

November brought some fun shoots in addition to the couple I reported on WAY back on December 31, 2011. I got to work on the pilot episode of the innovative, Funny Days series. I had some fun playing something I am not,  but seem to play a lot~a booshie, desperate housewife type.  Then on the “Apt.106”  film shoot down in Orange County I played a stressed out housewife with a deadbeat husband. Sadly, I have also played that before:(

Three script readings also came my way over the month. I worked with the seriously brilliant, Steven Connell on a reading of his script “The Danger of Being Know”  at The Road Theatre. Steve and I have worked together several times over the years on theater pieces that he has produced. It is always an honor to share the stage with such a powerful voice and talent. I also made a stop over to Disney TV Animation to work with my directer from Rideshare, Donovan Cook on his charming and funny script “Pegasus”. And the last reading of the month came by way of my big fan Paul Dinh-McCrillis of Amber and Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2011 and 2012 fame. Paul referred me to Rick Shaw of “LA’s Most Charming Little Theatre”,  Two Roads. Yes, two roads theaters actually did diverge in November. (Sorry, I am a New Hampshire girl, I just had to!) Anyway, at the Two Roads we had a nice post Thanksgiving, Saturday afternoon reading of the new script “The White Zone”. (Not a story about my neighborhood, BTW, or my bedroom for that matter:)

DECEMBER! Oh, thank goodness. I feel like I may need to pop the champagne all over again! 

The first of my last two booking of the year sent me searching through Goodwill Stores for the perfect pair of “Mom Jeans”  for a shoot for Lee Jeans. The production determined my “Mom Jeans” too flattering and gave me some high waist-ed  “vintage” Jordace jeans that made me wonder if camel toe actually didn’t come about until the late 1980’s. Luckily, my GW  outings were not in vain as I did find myself, a Banana Republic jacket, Charles David pumps, 2 little black dresses, a Club Monaco sweeter, a Zara silk blouse, a tank, some cork heeled wedges, a “Be Nice or Go Home” wall hanging for Mom, and two clutch purses for Cazzy. All for a lot less than my day rate on the project…..and that is why…retail is for chumps:)))

My last shoot of the year was a fun little commercial for Equest. Angry girl pounding on the phone…yup….been that!

I wrap this last year up with a little reminder of  big love and Christmas spirit.  After the success of the raffle for Help Addison Kick This Thing! in July I was inspired to do it again for for another cause. In December we raised $400 for animal rescue by raffling another of my mom’s beautiful quilts for charity. The raffle was in honor of Baby Emma, the sweet little disabled kitten my roommate and I rescued. Sadly, she lived a very short life, but she made a big impact on our hearts. All the money from Baby Emma’s raffle went to Kitt Crusaders. One of my BFF’s, Tracie Peddy happens to be the Assistant Vice Cougar over there so check them out if you would like to help keep Baby Emma’s memory alive or even get that extra 2011 tax deduction in!!!

Well, that wraps up 2011 with the grace of Mary Catherine Gallager and the gratitude of her Lord.  Now, I need that champagne. Too bad it is 2012 already and I have resolved to to not drink alone. Oh, hell, it’s before midnight anyone up for a night cap?

~The Meredith Method TM

News Year’s Eve Already……And still so much more to be grateful for!!!

Well, here we are at the last day of 2011and I still have October, November, and December to write about. I am doing my best to keep my Holiday Newsletter promise to myself and finish soon, even though it is New Year’s Eve and I am still on east coast time…and just maybe I shouldn’t have had that champagne toast after my 1100 Calorie Burn Spinning class this morning! Okay, here comes October and some of November…

As First Lady Kimberly Phillips in "Air Collision"

By far my biggest challenge and most fun I had in October came from playing the First Lady of the United States in the feature, Air Collision. The film was written and directed by the award winning, Liz Adams and cast by the award winning in his own right, Gerald Webb. Gerald I first worked together back in January on the feature, 200 M.P.H. 

Air Collision~ SPOILER ALERT~ The  First Lady may or may not have hung at 30,000 feet out of Air Force One and lived to tell…and I may or may not do my own stunts…You’ll have to wait  for it’s release in March to find out.

November was HUGE, as it came with a bunch of FIRST’S….

Charmain & Douglas' Wedding

I had been a Jr. Bridesmaid twice  and a bride once and all of those marriages didn’t turn out so well…Luckily, Douglas Howington and Charmain Crook-Howington had been happily married for years when they asked me to be a first time bridesmaid in their wedding renewal ceremony in November. It was an amazing day with mothers, sisters, and wedding party coming in from all over the US. We even had New Zealand represented. Douglas is a talented comic and Charmain an excellent actress, so let’s just say that the wedding party was very colorful and we kept each other laughing through our tears all day.

Congratulations & Best Wishes Charmain and Douglas!!! 

The next first was Co-Producing a commercial for the Doritos Annual Crash the Super Bowl contest. My Co-Producer, Cazzy Golomb and I were inspired by my Vegas Birthday Pool Party Debauchery caught on I Phone in September and my CarMax spot from July. Having both been in other Doritos spots over the years, we I very spontaneously decided to produce our own spot this year. The whole production was done in about a day with a budget of about a dollar. To see how far the dollar went click: HERE.

Not a first,  but for the second year in a row I worked with director, Gershom Hyldreth and casting director, Paul Dinh-McCrillis on their Doritos spots. See “Doritos for Breakfast”: HERE  It might just save your marriage.

Many of you know that am a Matchmaker.  Well, now I guess I can say I am a yenta too. In November, I produced my first big Jewish singles mixer by myself! Pretty darn good for a gal who couldn’t say schlong until college or pronounce shiksa until she moved to LA.  The Wingman event was a huge success with over 70 singles enjoyed attending and “endorsing” their eligible friends of the opposite sex. I must admit I got a little help from my Jewish gal pal, Neely Gurman as door host. She knows how to handle those rowdy Jews who try come in the bar with their Yamaha’s!

Speaking of rowdy crowds, I am off to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my amazing publicist and friend, Catherine Lyn Scott of London Flair P.R. I have become an honorary Brit, because apparently, I party like one. Well, duh, I am from New ENGLAND.

Happy New Year! …more of Nov. and Dec. to come and miles to go before we sleep, friends!!!! Cheers~ The Meredith Method
























Christmas in July!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

It’s a beautiful 80 degrees on Christmas day in Central Florida, as I write about my sunny Southern California July.  Yes, it’s Christmas and I am only on July…so it looks like my 12 Days of Christmas will be talking me into New Year’s eve….. but onward and upward with July ….

Addison and Sarah

We started the month by raffling off one my mom’s beautiful quilts and a HeadBlade Platinum Plus Starter Kit to raise money for Help Addison Kick This Thing .

Addison Kleinhans is a courageous young man who has been kicking cancer’s booty since he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 6, 2010. Addisons’s mom, Sarah Clark and I attended high school together in New Hampshire. We were in “The Pajama Game” and “I Remember Momma”  before Sarah went off to start her career as a performer and model.  Through the generosity of our family and friends in the FaceBook community we were able to raise $500 to help Addison and his family. If you have some extra Holiday spirit in your heart and want to help out with the fight, donations can be sent via PayPal to:

In July, I got to work for the second time with another talented New Hampshire actor, Jonathan Aube. Catch us in the CarMax Commercial, currently airing nationally. Jonathan and I first worked together in fall 2010 when we spent a week in Michigan “Getting Our Vegas On” for a FireKeepers Casino Commercial .  What we really got on was some extra LBS., as the production feed us daily at the casino buffet… so what happens in Battle Creek doesn’t always….well, you know the rest :)

Democracy at Work

July brought even more talented men into my life on screen. I had the pleasure of with funny men, Bruno Oliver, Sean Spence, and Ed Refuerzo on the political satire, Democracy at Work. Look for me soon as the ultra-liberal talk radio host, “Jill-I prefer not to be characterized by gender-Kirk”

Director Donovan Cook with the Cast of "Rideshare"

On the day of LA’s infamous CARmageddon the cast and crew of the feature Rideshare braved the freeways and ride-shared north of LA to the Ventura Film Festival. Rideshare is the worlds first full-length feature film shot entirely on the HD iPhone4.  Receiving the “Audience Award” certainly made it worth the ride!

"The End of Our Lives" Premiere~ Nelson Photo Images


The gifts just keep coming in July with another print booking with Michael DeLeon Photography and one more for LRN. I then ended the the month attending cast and crew premiere of the very powerful feature, The End of Our Lives.

Hope this Christmas day finds you with as much to be grateful for in your life as I have in mine.

“Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”~Dale Evans


Hope to see you again before 2012!!

~The Meredith Method TM