• Meredith was the host of the sold out HeadBlade sponsored dating event. She is both as a very skilled event planner and an engaging personality. Meredith was very much in charge and was not deterred by distractions or setbacks, almost military in precision, and she had a whistle! She fluidly went from being cattle herder (all the singles looking for love) to gracious and comedic host (making all feel welcomed and at ease), not to mention beautiful. She drank in the dual roles and pulled off the near impossible task of being both good cop (beautiful host) and bad cop (drill sergeant).

    – Todd Greene
    President & Founder, HeadBlade, Inc.
  • As luck would have it, I met a tall redheaded woman who’s a professor of Ancient Greek at the university. Of course our 5 minutes was all about languages & books and world travels… and we have not been apart ever since. We’re engaged, and much of it has to do with the friendly manner Meredith brought to this dating service that made it so fun to keep returning. More importantly, it was the way she consistently made each possibly uncomfortable evening into one of adventure and enjoyment between strangers. That’s a great talent.

    – Kenneth
    Hollywood Film & Television Industry Professional
  • My dear friend Meredith insisted I attend one of her matchmaking events, against my will. I had so much fun that I decided to bring my friend to the second event. I wasn’t really expecting much, but to have a good time with Meredith and my friend. Who knew that I would find the love of my life! We are madly in love with each other and my friends say they haven’t seem me this happy in 25 years. Thanks Mer!

    – Deborah
    CEO and Divorced Mother of Three Children Under the Age of 10